Coaching & Call Quality Framework


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eMatrix has been supporting organisations by facilitating coaching which focuses on the customer conversation, empowering participants with the language to have a respectful and genuine customer conversation.

Coaching takes place at the participant’s workstation and is conducted by an eMatrix behavioural and coaching specialist in a way which encourages participants to improve their conversation skills with key phrases and the best ways to deliver them.

Support for Leaders

Leaders are provided with an independent review of staff capability, skills, behaviours and attitude towards the role. Coaching can also be provided for leaders around ways to facilitate a performance discussion.

Give your organisation the winning edge – learn the language which has the power to grow your brand.

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Call Quality Framework

eMatrix has developed and implemented a 6 step program, working with a number of organisations through the journey to improve the quality and outcomes of customer conversations.

How It Works

The following 6 step program is designed to establish what a good customer conversation “sounds like”. Stakeholders typically include representatives from Quality, Operations and Learning & Development.

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