Family Violence Awareness

Practical strategies to help vulnerable customers and staff find their path forward

eMatrix understands that it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of family violence. No one organisation is the same and there is no quick fix solution. We are experts at creating tailored packages designed specifically for you organisation.

The eMatrix team provides a unique perspective to the Domestic Violence Awareness training drawing on specialised backgrounds in both psychology and counselling of domestic violence victims, as well as in debt recovery and call centres. We have a very real understanding of both the challenges facing domestic violence victims, and the challenges facing collections and customer service staff in correctly identifying and providing assistance to a customer in such a vulnerable situation. As a result, we have developed effective strategies focussed on the best outcomes, both for the customer in attaining the support and assistance they need and in building resilience and confidence in staff.

The EMatrix Solution

Family Violence Awareness

Raise awareness & learn about the types of family violence, identifying indicators, risk factors and the importance of privacy & confidentiality.

Respectful Conversations

Learn how to acknowledge the customer's disclosure with empathy statements, knowing what questions to ask & how to keep the customer on track.

Employee Self Care

Develop your self-care plans and include coping strategies such as debriefing with your colleagues and knowing what external support services are available to build resilience.

Policy Development

Develop and implement family violence policies that create a supportive framework for your organisation’s internal and external community.

eMatrix Family Violence Team

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Ves Popovski

Training & Coaching Consultant

Ves completed a Master’s in Counselling Psychology and ran her own counselling practice, mainly assisting customers experiencing family violence and trauma.

Having worked in debt collection roles, community health settings and running her own practice, Ves combines a skillset that is rare, which is why she joined the eMatrix team to head up the Family Violence programs.

Ves provides training and coaching at a practical level for collections and customer service staff. She is able to draw on the psychology of customer behaviour and train front line staff in approaches to collection negotiation techniques, how to engage better with customers and how to have confronting conversations.

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Skye Hawkins


Skye Hawkins is first and foremost a mother of three cherished children and through her own struggles with money and finances became passionate about financial literacy, specifically in empowering and educating women.

With a background in small business and social enterprises, Skye currently works in the community sector as a Financial Counsellor. Having developed a social enterprise, Skye brings to the eMatrix team the knowledge and skills to help women plan for a future of their choice through financial freedom and independence.

As a passionate social justice advocate, Skye is an engaging speaker and totally committed to making a difference for others.

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Sapphire Sol


Sapphire Sol is an advocate for women and children’s rights and is passionate about changing the story about family violence in Australia. As a family violence campaigner, Sapphire has spoken publicly about her experience with family violence, more specifically financial and economic abuse.

Drawing on these experiences, Sapphire has become an advocate for family violence victims and survivors and provides consultancy services on gender equality.

Sapphire specialises in training empowerment techniques, tools and the mindset to create a better life for oneself.

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