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Frequently Asked Questions on Collection & Vulnerability Training

We answer the most frequently asked questions in collection & vulnerability training on this page. See how we can help you today.

1. Why buy our course materials and training courseware packages?

Experts create our materials across collections, hardship, customer service, complaints, vulnerable customers, psychology, and many more specialty areas.

Jodie Bedoya is Director of eMatrix Training and a Collections, Vulnerability & Communication Training Specialist with over 25 years experience within the Credit Management Industry.

Our training material is designed to be interactive, engaging, spark discussion and enable learners to walk away with practical tips they can apply in their role to make a difference for them, customers and the business.

2. How can I be sure the training will solve our identified problem?

We enjoy talking to clients about the problem and then proposing a recipe to improve the focus area. We can also help with suggestions on measuring the impact of training and return on your investment.

3. Can I use your course materials to train and develop others?

Yes, our courses are ideal for training the trainer, who can then train their teams. We can use the course materials in small to large group training sessions (face-to-face or virtual). We can use the entire module or parts of a module depending on the learning needs of a group or individual.

4. How do you measure the results of your training?

Based on what the focus is, we work with our clients on measuring the impact of our training. We commonly see improvements in increasing promise to pay kept rates and increased NPS & CSAT. Subsequently, we also see a decrease in staff sick leave and an increase in employee retention. Plus improved first call resolution, higher-quality referrals to specialist teams, and reduced average handle time.

5. How do you measure attendee satisfaction?

We do this through post-training survey feedback, which includes feedback from leaders who work directly with participants.  We also ask participants for their feedback on the impact of the training on their work-life by using specific metrics that would help us identify if there has been an improved work experience.

6. To what extent is training content or delivery customisable?

We can customise content and deliver it to client needs. Customisation is an additional cost on top of licensing or purchasing the content.

7. How often do you update your course content to ensure relevancy?

We constantly update our content to ensure relevance. Our trainers are continually developing their skill set and knowledge, which we then channel into enhancing our content and creating new content.

8. What kind of feedback do you provide participants?

Our trainers are masters in facilitating highly engaging sessions.  We coach participants and weave through influencing mindset elements to help them improve. Hence, participants receive positive validation and focus areas to develop based on their participation, sharing and application within activities.

9. Where do you source your content?

Our content is sourced primarily through the knowledge of our experts and facilitators, who have amassed an incredible amount of practical knowledge across various areas in collections, hardship and vulnerability. The great thing is that you receive very well rounded training content that uses real-life examples where participants have an opportunity to practice and discuss in a safe environment.

10. Do you keep your instructional methodologies current?

We constantly reflect and share what worked, our highlights and challenges, which means our facilitators and our methodologies are always current and improving. We have a very high expectation of our facilitation, content, and client experience, which drives us each day.

11. How does your training scale for size and location?

We tailor our content and delivery based on size, face to face or virtual delivery. Our facilitators can deliver through different activities. Selecting the most effective content for a large group given participation will be high, using polling, chat and break out room technology to manage larger sessions and providing two trainers if needed for larger face to face programs.

12. In what format are the course materials and courseware packages?

We provide this as a SCORM compliant file and any training resources provided in PDF format.

13. Can I see samples of your course materials?

Absolutely, contact us to discuss, and we will walk you through samples of our content.

14. Do you provide any post-sale support?

Yes, the client relationship is extremely important, so we want to ensure that you are fully supported and have a positive and long term business relationship. Our passion is to make a difference for you and exceed your expectations of what you think a business-supplier relationship can be.

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