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eMatrix understands that it can be challenging to navigate the complexities of family violence, financial abuse, elder abuse, addictions, age related or cognitive impairment, mental illness or other vulnerabilities that can affect both customers and staff. No one organisation is the same and there is no quick fix solution. We are experts at creating tailored packages designed specifically for your organisation.


Delivered by specialists in both Collections and Vulnerability training, the eMatrix family violence and vulnerability courses draw on valuable commercial and community sector experience to deliver highly engaging, relevant and practical training for your organisation. Understanding the ways in which different customer vulnerabilities contribute to payment difficulty provides a good foundation to then be able to better identify and assist vulnerable customers.


Empowering vulnerable customers to find a way forward

The course content is derived from hands-on backgrounds within; trained psychology, family violence counselling, financial counselling, financial abuse awareness, human rights and international law, university lecturing in welfare law and family violence and various social empowerment projects including financial literacy programs. The eMatrix team includes trainers with lived experience of family violence and financial abuse, and who have consulted to government and advised on the Royal Commission into family violence. This highly specialised team adds real value to the training program by sharing their experiences and building further awareness.


Empowering staff to have intuitive conversations and providing support to both customers and staff for a new way forward

The education program ensures staff are empowered to correctly identify and have intuitive conversations with customers who may be experiencing a family violence or elder abuse situation or who may have a gambling or drug addiction, mental illness or any other vulnerability that means they are in financial difficulty. As a result, the customer gets the assistance and support they require whilst staff maintain call control. The course also includes strategies on how to deal with staff disclosures and build resilience within the workplace.


Collective action creates change

The eMatrix family violence facilitators have all worked within commercial backgrounds. Coming from backgrounds in C-Level Leadership, Operational Management, Quality & Dispute Resolution, Management & Leadership Consulting; they demonstrate a real understanding of challenges faced by organisations in improving commercial outcomes whilst raising awareness and implementing family violence and vulnerability education programs.
Where programs are delivered in the right way, such training can yield many benefits including:

– raising customer satisfaction & loyalty;
– reducing complaints;
– reducing average handling time;
– improving workplace culture with an emphasis on staff wellbeing and resilience.


Family Violence and Vulnerability Awareness

Raise awareness & learn about the types of family violence and other vulnerabilities; identifying indicators, risk factors and the importance of privacy & confidentiality.

Respectful and Genuine Conversations

Learn how to acknowledge the customer’s disclosure with empathy statements, knowing what questions to ask & how to keep the customer on track.

Employee Self Care

Develop your self-care plans and include coping strategies such as debriefing with your colleagues and knowing what external support services are available to build resilience

Policy Development

Develop and implement family violence policies that create a supportive framework for your organisation’s internal and external community.