Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity, Family Violence & Bystander Awareness Training Programs for Building Respectful Workplaces

We work with you to find your gaps and help you take awareness training into practical application – we will teach you how to have those awkward and uncomfortable conversations that need to be had.

We will Get You from Where you Are Now to Where You Want to be in 2022 on Gender Equality at your Workplace!

eMatrix has successfully trained over 300 clients in commercial organisations, federal & state government and councils since 2009. We help organisations balance commercial outcomes and the well-being of their staff.

We are not here to lecture you or to tick the box. We are here to take the myths out of handling workplace gender equality and equal opportunity issues. Our training also covers issues impacted by domestic and family violence. At eMatrix, we use real-life experiences in our coaching, and we help you identify blind spots specific to your organisation.

Top 3 Factors Organisations want from Gender Equality:

We get you – ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’, and that is ok.

Having worked with commercial, corporate and government entities, we understand the perimeter each organisation has when finding the right balance commercially. Most people who come to us want to be champions of change but don’t know-how. Our specialist trainers and the team will help you fix the systems that perpetuate the situation, and it starts by understanding the norms and cultures of your organisation.

We understand – It’s about making every staff feel safe, equal and inclusive.

No matter who you, what your beliefs or where you come from, our specialists will help your people feel emotionally and psychologically safe.

We know – Businesses are looking to create a culture of respect.

That means no more hiding behind outdated policies and procedures. Our trainers will help you and your staff break it down and learn how to take accountability.

Are you looking for clear policies, procedures, communication, and feedback transparency around the topic of equality in the workplace? Our area of expertise and highly experienced trainers are ready to assist.

Our programs cover:

– Gender quality in the workplace

– Equal opportunity – preventing and managing bullying

– Family violence

– Bystander training

Our 3 Steps to Creating a Respectful Workplace.


1.Understanding your Culture, Norms, Conscious and Unconscious Bias.

Not knowing where your business sits in this space creates blind spots and gaps in behaviour patterns. We help you identify what these look like in your organisation and how to manage and prevent them from occurring again.

2. Focus Groups and one-on-one interviews with your Executive team 

The data will provide the information required to bridge the gap between where the organisation sits and what is required to reduce organisational economic loss and decreased trust in the brand, due to inequality workplace issues.

We can administer reporting that follows WEGA standards (Workplace Gender Equality Agency by the Australian Government).

3.Recommend preventive measures

Using the data gathered, we check where the organisation stands on this topic and create an active feedback loop. We then work with business leaders in creating personal plans, building organisation understanding, leading & creating a legacy and develop an action plan with set objective and timelines.


We run the following programs as 2 hour interactive workshops.

Gender equality at workplace


  • Gender inequality in the workplace, primary causes and how it impacts the workplace
  • Gender norms and stereotyping
  • Unconscious and Conscious bias – what does this mean and how does it impact us in work and life
  • What can we do about addressing gender inequality in the workplace?
  • The link to family violence
Up to 2 hour
Equal Opportunity


  • A recap of what is considered discrimination, sexual & unlawful harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • What is Sexual blackmail – how to identify and manage when a person in power uses their power to coerce sexual favours.
  • Understand your responsibilities inside and outside of the workplace
  • Identify strategies to assist in being more proactive in the prevention of unlawful workplace behaviours
Up to 2 hour
Family Violence Awareness


  • Raise awareness and learn the types of family violence.
  • Learn about the risk factors, known as red flags.
  • Identify the most vulnerable groups
  • Understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality.
  • Identify indicators of people experiencing family violence.
  • Refer to the correct support services.
Up to 2 hour
What is a Bystander


  • Learn what Bystander action is
  • Changing cultures of violence and gender inequality
  • What to do when witnessing or becoming aware of an incident of violence against women
  • How to call out inappropriate actions & behaviours
  • How to encourage people who are not victims or perpetrators to take action to help prevent family violence
Up to 2 hour
Suicide Awareness


  • Suicide awareness, facts and myth-busting
  • Talking about suicide; why we don’t do it and how talking can help
  • How to identify indicators and warning signs with family, friends and colleagues
  • Preparing for and knowing how to have the conversation with a colleague or friend when you are concerned for their safety –suggestions on what to say, what not to say and support services
Up to 2 hour
Self help strategies


  • Discuss whether slang or jargon is appropriate
  • Mirroring vs being genuine/yourself – where does the balance lie?
  • Australian-isms – to use or not to use?
Up to 2 hour


We also run a 2-day Leadership Support Training Program to help leaders understand that some staff experience vulnerabilities and it is necessary when managing them that you understand their challenges and the impact on them living with the vulnerability in their personal and professional lives.


The eMatrix team is an experienced team providing unique training and coaching services with content that draws directly on specialist backgrounds within:

  • CEO Leadership/Senior Operational Management/L&D
  • Trained Psychology & Counselling
  • Human Rights, Family Violence & Welfare Law
  • Quality & Dispute Resolution
  • HR and OH&S Management

Our training delivery team is lead by:

Liana Papoutsis - Gender Equality specialist


Gender equality, inclusion & family violence trainer / consultant-coach/speaker. BA and Masters (International law/Human Rights Law) 

Liana is highly experienced in gender equality, inclusion, the prevention of family violence & human rights. She has assists organisations, State & Local governments, schools and the community by influencing change in these areas/topics.

Having lived experience surviving family violence, Liana also draws on her strong academic background to inform key family violence & gender equality reforms for both the private & public sector. She is determined to improve community & workplace responses to issues about gender equality, such as sexual harassment & unconscious bias.

Being a member of Victoria’s first Victims Survivor Advisory Council, the Diversity & Intersectionality Working group, the Ministerial Taskforce for the Prevention of Violence against Women & Victorian Legal Aid’s Lived Experience Service Design Group has given Liana the ability to influence change and advocate at a broader level.

With her commitment to advocating for gender equality, Liana was invited by the State Government to her current Board Directorship position on Respect Victoria. Respect Victoria is Australia’s first statutory authority on the prevention of family violence.

Liana has partnered with Melbourne University, NBN, Oxfam, Red Energy, Alinta Energy, Victoria Police, and Victorian government departments such as the Department of Treasury, Department of Justice & Community Safety and the Department of Premier & Cabinet & local governments. Liana has provided training, presented at speaking engagements and coaches leaders from senior leadership teams.

In academia, Liana has been recognised and awarded by Deakin University with the Lynne Alice Prize for Excellence in Human Rights and International Law.

Dr. Dubravka Simonov has invited Liana, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Women, to discuss addressing family violence and achieving gender equality locally, nationally and globally.

Jodie Bedoya



Jodie Bedoya is Founder and Director of the Melbourne based training company, eMatrix. Jodie began the company as she saw a gap for practical training and guidance for front-line staff, Team Leaders and Managers in communication and understanding each other’s behaviours.

Jodie is one of Australia’s leading collections, vulnerability and customer engagement specialists who has worked at best practice level with Banking & Finance, Government, Essential Services and Commercial clients. She has held key executive, operational and training management roles, including Chief Executive Officer of one of the largest collection agencies in Australia.

Through extensive studying of the psychology of successful collections, hardship related conversations, customer vulnerability and resilience building for staff, she has developed the eMatrix business to help organisations build capabilities in a range of specialised areas, including family violence and gender equality in the workplace.

Jodie and the eMatrix team have trained participants from over 130 Councils both in Australia and New Zealand.

Training has ranged from customer engagement, complaints handling and managing objections, to rates collections, hardship and business letter writing skills.

Jodie is a sought-after speaker at Local Government and commercial conferences, meaning she understands the challenges of Council staff in dealing with both customers and their own internal challenges.  She has spoken at the following Local Government conferences:

  • NSW Revenue Professionals, March 2015
  • WA RP Association, November 2016
  • SA: Revenue Professionals SA, February 2017
  • QLD: LARMAQ: Sunshine Coast October 2017
  • NZ: ALGRNZ, Wellington, 15 March 2018