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Lock in your 2022 – 2023 council webinar training for staff. Book before the End of the Financial Year (30th June 2022) to enjoy exclusive council savings.

  • Designed specifically for Councils
  • 12 months upskill program
  • 12 webinars for you and your team per annum
  • Each webinar runs for 2 hours
  • One annual subscription
  • Run by eMatrix facilitators, who have trained over 150 Councils in Australia and NZ

The 2022 eMatrix Training 12 Course Webinar Program

1. Engaging Your Customer (Thurs, 21st Jul 2022)

Avoid blaming, negative language and ‘dirty’ words– instead learn how to use language that will engage customers.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify the negative impact you may subconsciously be having on your customer.
  • Pinpoint the negative words you use and learn how to replace them.
  • With our poor brains overwhelmed these days, learn how to simplify language for everyone!
  • Replace contractual English with plain English, both verbal and written.

2. Influencing Customer Outcome  (Wed, 17 Aug 2022)

Learn how to apply the ‘yes’ ladder, the decoy effect, norms and neutral language.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand why blaming and telling someone how to behave does not work.
  • Learn how to remove pointed language and neutralise it, particularly when delivering bad news to your customer.
  • Know that we are influenced by others’ behaviours.
  • Learn how to ‘nudge’ customers using Norms.

3. Empathy (Fri, 16th Sept 2022)

Learn strategies including how to apply empathy and not sympathy to manage emotional and angry customers and learn why this is more critical than ever

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn the difference between empathy, sympathy and apathy
  • Discover how to listen for empathy triggers and apply empathy in acknowledging a customer’s emotion.
  • Find out why empathy is the key ingredient to connecting with your customer and overcoming objections

4. Objection Handling  (Thur, 20th Oct 2022)

Learn in this workshop how to bring together key components including neutral language, empathy and purpose statements to workshop Council top 10 objections.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Understand how ego impacts our ability to think logically.
  • Understand the impact arguing with customers has on our own energy after the interaction.
  • Bring together empathy, action and purpose statements to deal with challenging customer conversations.
  • Workshop your top objections and ways to navigate them.

5. Resilience and Motivation  (Wed, 16th Nov 2022)

Hear from guest speaker, Commonwealth Boxer and now pro boxer Campbell Somerville on discipline, a positive mindset, managing setbacks, and building resilience.

6. Coaching  (Thurs, 8th Dec 2022)

Learn from the eMatrix coaching specialist tips and tricks for getting the best out of people.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Make or Break Team culture and what’s within your control
  • Formal coaching vs on-the-fly.
  • How to research and prepare a coaching conversation using data, observation and calls.
  • Practical coaching roleplays on common and tricky behavioural, mindset and performance issues – guidance and tips provided by eMatrix coaching expert within roleplays.

7. Rates – Collections  (Jan 2023 – dates TBC)

Strategies for asking for the money whilst managing ratepayer emotions and difficulties.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Identify the balance in the philosophy behind commercial outcomes and the needs of the customer.
  • Avoid the opening call killers in collections.
  • Ask for the money with a confident and respectful approach.
  • Based on the customer’s history, know how to adapt your approach.
  • Learn the power of the pause.
  • Use positive and negative timelines to maximise your repayments.
  • Learn to manage habitual defaulters vs first-time defaulters.

8. Customer Vulnerability  (Feb 2023 – dates TBC)

A vulnerable customer is someone who, due to their own personal circumstances, is able to be easily harmed, influenced or exposed to loss. Hear from our expert how money, hardship, illiteracy, mental health, disability and trauma can influence your customers – what to look out for and how to best manage.

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Why it is everyone’s business.
  • What it means for customers and how that impacts your Council.
  • Your role and how you can provide support to ensure you identify triggers such as disability, illiteracy, trauma and mental health.

9. The Window of Tolerance  (Mar 2023 – dates TBC)

Understand people’s levels of emotional coping. which will help you to adapt your approach when someone ‘flips their lid’

Aspiring Leaders Course, eMatrix Training

10. Your Brand  (Apr 2023 – dates TBC)

How do you promote yourself internally? Identify your character strengths, build your pitch and prepare for your next interview

Learning Outcomes:

  • A guide to promoting yourself and supporting others to get ahead
  • 10 tips for developing your own brand
  • Use your character strengths to identify what to best sell
  • Develop your ‘elevator’ pitch
  • Keywords when responding to an internal promotion
  • Interview tips
Aspiring Leaders Course, eMatrix Training

11. Business Writing  (May 2023 – dates TBC)

Let’s look at Council correspondence, including emails and review strategies for keeping it simple and learn how to engage customers.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the concept of plain English in writing terms- structure and simplify your emails to make them more digestible for the reader.
  • The power of genuine and engaging written language.
  • How to deal with conflict and emotion through using strategic empathy and setting your intent.
  • Expectations, call to action and timelines to create a closed loop.
  • How to make emails practical – Using examples of poor business writing and transforming this into the gold standard.
Aspiring Leaders Course, eMatrix Training

12. Train the Trainer  (Jun 2023 – dates TBC)

Learn how to present – how to engage an audience, read body language, deal with nerves and get the outcome you want.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to engage an audience
  • Engagement in face to face vs virtual
  • Virtual tips and tricks
  • Body language
  • Activities
  • Questions to ask and what not to ask
  • Examples of good training techniques vs poor training techniques

Exclusive Package for Councils

These Council Webinars must be booked before the End of the Financial Year (30th June 2022).

The program kicks off in July 2022.

Price:  $10,000 + GST

2-hour webinar session with up to 50 participants per council / per webinar


Jodie Bedoya

JODIE BEDOYA, Director/Consultant/Trainer/Coach

Jodie Bedoya is the Founder and Director of eMatrix, which she began in 2009. With over 25 years of experience in the credit and collections industry, Jodie is one of Australia’s leading communication specialists. Jodie has held key executive, operational and training management roles, in debt collection, debt purchase and insurance recoveries organisations, including Chief Executive Officer of Recoveries Corporation Limited.

Alex Daniel

Communications Specialist/Trainer/Coach

Alex’s expertise in dispute resolution, call quality, hardship and process improvement has enabled him to find a balance between facilitating customer engagement and eliminating conflict and debt collection.

Alex has a background in leading Complaints and Ombudsman teams for the energy sector, specialising in managing complex cases and assisting customers experiencing financial hardship.

Ematirx Training Team

Communications Specialist/Trainer

With a background in Psychology, Developmental Trauma and Homelessness, Kaelia brings awareness to organisations about vulnerability and how best to navigate conversations for people with complexity.

Kaelia through her operational leadership and on the ground experience can give real-world scenarios to learn how best to engage with customers.