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Council EOFY 2023

With the rising cost of living, inflation growth and interest rate rises, learning how to deal with increasingly frustrated and emotional customers is essential.

Our training will assist when identifying customer vulnerabilities and give you the skills you need when managing customer objections. Gaining these essential skills cuts down call times and reduces your stress!

Try us today for one of our 3 most popular Council training sessions.



Self-Paced Online

Bite-sized. Each training session is 30 mins or less. Engaging sessions – it’s like having your own expert working through the modules with you.
Collections & Hardship Series

  • Collection Concept
  • Vulnerability
  • Neutral Language
  • Asking for the Money
  • Questioning Techniques
  • Maximising Payment
  • Selling the Benefits

Customer Engagement Series

  • Language Carries Energy
  • Dirty Words
  • Take Accountability
  • Power of Empathy & Mindset
  • Empathy in Reducing Conflict
  • Conflict & Our Headspace
  • Objection Handling Techniques
14 Modules
$540 +GST per person



Onsite or Remote

  •  Understand your mindset and how it impacts customer conversations
  • Build trust to break through the customer’s emotional block
  • Avoid reacting to customer emotions
  • Learn how to influence customer behaviours for best outcome
  • Replace ‘Contract English’ and ‘Dirty words’ with conversational English
  • Apply alternatives to negative language
  • Apply ‘norms’ and ‘neutral’ language to navigate common customer objections
  • Workshop by building a Council toolkit for objections such as “What do my rates pay for?” , “Why have the pot holes outside my house not been fixed?”, “No-one picked up my bins” to “Government sucks!”
1 Day workshop,
up to 16 participants
$5,500 +GST per day



Onsite or Remote

  • Hardship, collections and vulnerability – how do they all fit together?
  • Use language that creates trust and avoid language which creates distrust
  • Apply questioning techniques to overcome the customer response, “I can’t pay”
  • Listen for triggers and ask the right discovery questions, balancing the needs of the customer and commercial outcomes of the organisation
  • Identify willingness vs capacity to repay an account and learn appropriate language to use
  • Overcome common objections in collections
  • Learn how to maintain your wellbeing and avoid burnout in this space
1 Day workshop,
up to 16 participants
$5,500 +GST per day

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