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Now more than ever the vulnerable in our community face ongoing financial hardship that impacts their ability to meet many of life’s most basic monetary obligations.  This can have long lasting and far reaching consequences for their mental well-being and sense of belonging in society.


Identifying financial hardship is not always an easy task for contact centre, front line and collections staff with some customers being reluctant to reveal their financial situation due to denial, shame or fear. It is critical your team can establish trust quickly, ask the right questions, listen effectively and identify hardship triggers.

Many industries are now required to also support small business owners through their hardship programs given they are experiencing difficulties professionally and personally. With COVID-19 bringing additional challenges, small business owners need support more than ever.


At eMatrix we implement a balanced and practical approach, across both customer and small business hardship training that allows for early identification and support.  This in turn increases the opportunity for the best option to assist them in meeting their financial commitments.

By providing your team with specialised customer and small business hardship training, conflict and stress can be reduced for your staff, call times can be reduced, and complex collections processes can be avoided.

We also provide your team with the necessary tools to manage their own wellbeing and stress levels when dealing with challenging and potentially confronting situations.


Targeted training content has been developed for more specialist teams such
as hardship, customer advocacy, collections, and complaint management teams. These advanced modules focus on improved outcomes and solutions for the more vulnerable customers that may be experiencing hardship, and resilience building strategies for the staff assisting them.

This specialised content is designed to better communicate with, build trust and find a tailored outcome for vulnerable customers, which is balanced with organisational needs.

Developed by a team of experts with backgrounds in in collections, dispute resolutions, social welfare, counselling and psychology this is an intense two day program, which can be delivered in a 4-part series, in particular where delivery is done virtually. The program provides renewed focus on how staff can protect their wellbeing and mindset in the challenging role of supporting vulnerable customers to avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, negativity and judgement.



  • My Mindset & Resilience
  • Vulnerability, trauma & mental health awareness
  • Debriefing strategies after challenging conversations
  • How ego, judgement & frustration harms customer conversations
1/2 day


  • Hardship versus Collections
  • Using action statements & framing to manage customer expectations
  • Apply the art of questioning to understand your customer
  • How to show accountability & actively listen
1/2 day


  • Navigating customer objections by combining key techniques
  • Identifying empathy triggers & applying tailored empathy to build trust
  • Know the right discovery questions for each customer
  • Understanding small business owners who are experiencing personal financial hardship
1/2 day


  • Hardship & contributing factors
  • Understanding Centrelink & benefit types
  • Knowing the right path of action for each customer circumstance
  • Support options for customers in crisis
1/2 day