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Want your team to soar like a bird?

Use our end to end Behavioural Profiling tool to hire the right person and provide them continuous targeted staff training for best collections results.

What is the Staff Behavioural Profiling?

The Behavioural Insights Profile by eMatrix collaborates with a clinical psychologist to identify the ideal traits for high performing collection and hardship specialists. On the back of 25 years’ experience within collections, listening to and analysing thousands of calls, eMatrix understands the nuances of how peoples’ behaviours play out in conversations. The profile assesses staff strengths and opportunities across six key success criteria.

The survey, which is a self-assessment tool, is designed for helping to identify training and coaching needs. It is also a powerful recruitment tool as you gain an extra layer of behavioural insight on potential candidates:


  1. Insights for targeted training and coaching: The levels and combinations across selected criteria highlight strengths and gaps. When paired with observations and call assessment, it identifies training and coaching priorities to support the team member in reaching a high level of success in their role.
  2. Identifying the right mindset and behaviours when hiring: Each candidate profile clearly outlines their behavioural tendencies, which we can use to look at their organisation and role fit. Each profile provides you with potential interview questions to explore the strengths and opportunities outlined across the success criteria, increasing hiring confidence and improving staff retention rate.

The profile is a self-assessment across 48 questions designed to measure each team member across a set of criteria. The candidate’s results are compared against a normed population of successfully employed collectors across multiple industries (commercial, government and third party) who have completed the survey to date.


So what is the secret recipe for the ideal collector?

Through years of expertise in the collections industry, combined with research into the behavioural psychology of both customers and staff, we have been able to determine the six ideal traits to maximise call quality outcomes, collection results and customer satisfaction. And here they are!

Assertive Communications Staff Behavioural Profiling

Assertiveness: The ability to communicate to customers in a clear and non-defensive manner particularly when things get tense.

Empathy Staff Behavioural Profiling

Empathy: the capacity to show empathy for a customer’s point of view while maintaining the company’s position.

Resilience Staff Behavioural Profiling

Resilience: An individual’s tendency to cope with stress on the job without losing motivation. It reflects their coping resources. This criterion is a good predictor of employee retention.

Staff Behavioural Profiling Composure

Maintaining Composure: An individual’s ability to remain calm during emotionally charged situations.

Staff Behavioural Profiling Problem Solving

Problem Solving: The willingness to fully understand a customer’s situation and to explore creative solutions.

Staff Staff Behavioural Profiling Flexibility

Flexibility: A measure of a person’s perceived ability to be adaptable in dealing with others.


  • Agents complete the eMatrix Behavioural Insights Profile.
  • We compare your staff to the comparison group of collectors from over 800 profiles completed across various industries
  • For each agent, between 1-2 calls would be submitted for call assessment by our specialist using the eMatrix call modelling.
  • The key finding is reported from the profile and call analysis undertaken.

We help you understand the nuances of how peoples’ behaviours play out in conversations!