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The new rules

In September 2022, the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) finalised new rules to better protect customers experiencing family violence.

These rules have been welcomed by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), by its Chair, Ms Clare Savage, who stated that “we advocated for an approach that would largely achieve consistency across the national energy market in how consumers with a lived experience of family violence are protected, to minimise the cost impact to energy businesses.”

These new rules will be introduced by way of amendment to the National Energy Retail Rules (NERR) and will take effect from 1 May 2023 for National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) states (ACT, TAS, SA, NSW and QLD).

So how can eMatrix help?

eMatrix has delivered training and support to over 4500 staff in the Energy industry and are specialists in providing customised and innovative training to support FDV protections being introduced in NECF states.

eMatrix programs have been designed to upskill frontline staff and specialist teams with the ability to better engage with customers, identify vulnerable customers, and to achieve the right balance between the commercial outcomes sought and the needs of the customer, whilst managing staff wellbeing.



  • Raise awareness and learn the types of family and domestic violence 
  • Common myths around FDV 
  • Understand barriers to disclosing  
  • Learn from those with lived experience who share their stories 
  • Identify indicators of people experiencing FDV 
Face to face (or virtual) – 2 hours

Online – 1 hour


  • Identify the triggers with active listening
  • Acknowledge the customer’s disclosure with empathy statements
  • Apply questioning techniques in a non-judgmental way
  • Learn how to manage the call, know what questions to ask and what path of action to take
  • Ways to conduct a warm handover when transferring the call
Face to face (or virtual) – 2 hours

Online – 1 hour


  • Understand the impact on individuals in the workplace 
  • Learn about the subtle signs that someone is experiencing FDV and the best approach – what is both helpful and unhelpful 
  • Learn what support services to recommend 
  • Respecting privacy and confidentiality 
Face to face (or virtual) – 2 hours

Online – 1 hour


  • Understand how to manage your own mindset 
  • Identify the signs of stress and burnout, what triggers them for you and how to manage before they get out of control 
  • Understand the stress bucket and how to open the release valve 
  • Learn how to de-brief in a constructive way – not by ‘dumping potatoes’ on those around you 
Face to face (or virtual) – 2 hours

Online – 1 hour


  • An overview of Domestic Violence in the Philippines
  • Understand the definition of family and domestic violence
  • Gain insight into types and help available in Australia
  • Identify what events cause spikes in rates
  • What makes some groups more vulnerable than others
Face to face (or virtual) – 2 hours

Online – 1 hour

We will provide you and your team the comms you need to email out to staff to assist with the training being a business-as-usual upskill, and nothing for people to feel nervous about!

Thank you Jodie and the team at E Matrix for your partnership with us at a very pressured time to support our delivery of Family Domestic Provisioning. Your expertise, compassion and commitment to supporting our business, people and customers was phenomenal! You made a difficult and challenging delivery solution seamless and positive working together to overcame any challenges and the results were outstanding. Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication!

Bianca - Business Readiness & Capability ManagerOrigin Energy