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Our new 1-day course ‘Managing Ratepayer Hardship’ will give Council all of the tools needed to navigate ratepayer conversations in this, particularly challenging pandemic environment.


The course provides you with language and strategies based on behavioural psychology for maximising your outcomes by managing customer expectations and objections. This includes understanding how to build trust, working with your customer and knowing what questions to ask and how to deliver them for a positive outcome.



  • Build trust and rapport to break through the customer’s emotional block
  • Learn to use empathy to acknowledge customer concerns
  • Avoid reacting to customer emotions
  • Learn how to influence customer behaviours for the best outcome – the minimum payment doesn’t always help the customer
  • Replace ‘Contract English’ and ‘Dirty words’ with conversational English
  • Learn to apply 3 alternatives to negative language

  • The importance of note-taking
  • How does your hardship policy stack up?
  • How to identify vulnerability triggers and how to manage those customers
  • Letters and SMS’s as a minimum for when you can’t get to outbound calls to check-in arrangements
  • Insights into what best practise looks like


Jodie Bedoya

JODIE BEDOYA, Director/Consultant/Trainer/Coach




Jodie Bedoya is the Founder and Director of eMatrix, which she began in 2009. With over 25 years of experience in the credit and collections industry, Jodie is one of Australia’s leading communication specialists. Jodie has held key executive, operational and training management roles, in debt collection, debt purchase and insurance recoveries organisations, including Chief Executive Officer of Recoveries Corporation Limited.


Course Dates: Upon Request

Cost: $495 + GST per person / Max 16 delegates per workshop


For councils that want to book out the whole workshop.

Cost: $4,000 + GST per day / Max 16 delegates per workshop

Location: Virtually by Zoom

For more details and to book, please contact Nikki Dennis at 0437 652 562 or email her at