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Speaker Profile

Jodie is one of Australia’s leading customer engagement specialists who has worked at best practice level with government (federal, state and local), utilities, telco and commercial clients. She has held key executive, operational and training management roles, including Chief Executive Officer of Recoveries Corporation Limited.  In 2006 she was a finalist in the Australian Financial review BOSS Magazines ‘Young Executive of the Year’ awards and from there she went on to form her own company eMatrix Training.

eMatrix began by specialising in collection negotiation training which by its very nature, can be a sensitive and often emotionally charged conversation. Through this, and extensive studying of the psychology of successful collections conversations, eMatrix have branched into helping organisations build capabilities in a range of specialised areas from Collections and Vulnerability through to Leadership and Resilience.

Jodie is an engaging speaker, down to earth with an infectious energy and sense of humour that breathes life into any topic. She has spoken at conferences, regulatory workshops, industry forums and corporate events.

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Why does debt become a problem in organisations?

Jodie will discuss 7 key factors impacting an organisation’s ability to collect debt whilst maintaining a good customer experience.

The Dirty Seven

• Personality conflict
• No debt philosophy
• The tail wagging the dog
• No early intervention strategies
• Misunderstanding hardship
• The wrong hire
• Lack of leadership

Recognising that Debt is now everyone’s business, Jodie runs through the top 5 success factors to enable great collections conversation.

Optional – Taking a look at the recent payment difficulty framework implemented by the ESC for Energy companies and how this impacts the types of conversations businesses should be having.




People are busy, illiteracy rates are on the rise in Australia and most of us are not really paying much attention. So how are organisations changing the way they engage with customers?

In this presentation Jodie highlights where organisations often go wrong in customer communications and shares her favourite techniques for engaging and building trust quickly with customers.

How to empower your staff to have intuitive, effective and respectful conversations with customers

• Understanding rapport building – what works and what kills it
• How to have authentic, human conversations and move away from the transactional approach
• Use framing to manage customer expectations
• Avoid the top 10 customer service killers
• Apply the art of questioning to maintain call control
• How to take accountability and actively listen

With many years of studying behavioural psychology in a business context, coupled with her C-level leadership experience, Jodie brings a considered and informed approach to customer engagement strategies with many humourous real life examples of ‘poor customer service’ that will both shock, entertain and educate at the same time.


How to use collector profiling to improve business outcomes

Find out how collector profiling as a pre-selection survey can assist organisations employing collection staff by improving the quality of their hiring decisions.

How to use collector profiling to improve business outcomes

Find out how collector profiling as a pre-selection survey can assist organisations employing collection staff by improving the quality of their hiring decisions.

When the right people are selected the first time then increases usually follow in:
• retention rates
• job satisfaction
• customer satisfaction
• customer loyalty

What are the six key success criteria for collectors?

Applying her knowledge of DISC behavioural profiling to the collection’s environment, Jodie will discuss how this can be used to improve staff retention, work productivity, teamwork and communication.





The costs of poor communication to your business

Organisations rarely measure the costs of poor communication to their business outcomes?

Jodie brings it back to basics in this presentation– what makes sense? How do you build connections and communicate in a politically correct world.

How can organisations changing the way they engage with customers?

Communication is a two-way process between;
• Customers and staff
• Leaders and staff and
• Peer to peer
• In any organisation, poor communication may lead to the following business outcomes:
• Increased business costs
• Delays with processes and productivity
• Staff retention, burnout and an increase in mental stress claims
• A lack of attention to customer and community needs

In her presentation, Jodie will showcase successful initiatives adopted by organisations which have resulted in effective business outcomes. She will also provide:

Tips on handling difficult conversations between leaders and staff

• Highlight the impact of ‘blocks’ to any meaningful engagement with customers such as the use of inappropriate language, interrupting, over-talking, poor attitude and being judgemental
• Techniques for how to have courageous conversations without creating conflict in the workplace


Jodie Bedoya is professional, knowledgeable and very passionate in her presentations. She is extremely relatable and engaging with her audience. I would recommend anyone to attend a presentation by Jodie as you will not only receive a lot of useful information but thoroughly enjoy it at the same time.

City of Perth 2017

Jodie was awesome she gave great coping strategies for debt collection and dealing with distressed people. Also Jodie was refreshing and made the presentation fun.

Blue Mountains City Council 2018

Jodie presented at a recent workshop for energy and water companies. Her presentation brought great energy to the room and helped to open up important discussions. Jodie is knowledgeable and perceptive, she's direct in her approach and fun to work with. We were grateful for her insights.

Essential Services Commission 2019