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eMatrix have developed a number of powerful decision making tools and services designed to support collection teams, leaders and organisations by building collections capability for ongoing sustainability.

Affordability Calculator

The eMatrix Affordability Calculator is a tool used to determine a customer’s capacity to repay money owed based on an assessment of their income and expenses.

  • Benefits of the calculator include:
  • Allows an objective assessment of a customer’s financial situation.
  • Enables you to better manage vulnerable customers.
  • Creates a consistent approach.
  • Provides a printed summary report with a recommended payment arrangement

Organisations have been using the eMatrix Affordability Calculator to assist frontline staff with adopting a consistent approach and provides them with the ability to make an informed decision about the best way forward for both the customer and the organisation.

Affordability Calculator

Collector Profile

A role in collections requires a specific skillset to perform at a high standard. To gain a competitive advantage during recruitment, your organisation needs to do something more than just advertise in the same place and ask the same interview questions.

The eMatrix Collector Profile is a self-assessment tool used to measure a candidate’s core skillset against the key traits required of a collections role. It can help you:

  • Measure job-fit: begin the talent management process by choosing the right people the first time
  • Weed out the fluff: use discovery questions to target areas highlighted as opportunities for development – find out which candidates can actually ‘walk the walk!’
  • Develop: build upon an applicant’s strengths and evaluate future opportunities to increase their success.
  • Retain great talent: make an objective assessment of a candidate’s fit for your organisational culture and suitability for the role.

Developed over 4 years and incorporating the expertise of collections specialists and a psychologist, the ideal personality traits of a collector were identified. These traits were then assessed, in a one-on-one interview scenario, with hundreds of participants in collection and credit roles across Australia.

ematrix collector profile

A printable report is provided which contains a summary of results followed by commentary for each trait. At the conclusion, a list of discovery questions is provided which are used to extract more information about a candidate’s perception of their own abilities.

eMatrix can help you eliminate bad hires, hire and retain the right talent. By adding the Collector Profile to your recruitment practices, you give your organisation the best chance of achieving success.

Support Compass

The eMatrix ‘Support Compass’ is a web-based interactive knowledge database and decisioning tool which enables a work flow process to be mapped around operational guidelines, incorporating policies and training techniques.

The result:

  • Workflow processes are presented in a clear, concise and actionable way.
  • There is consistency in approach to workflow processes across the organisation.
  • Has the capability for use as an on-going training tool for new recruits.

Minimise the risk of error and reduce average handling times by providing your staff with access to a guided decisioning tool.