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It was great to welcome such a variety of organisations from across Energy, Water, Telco and Banking & Finance sectors to our eMatrix Training Lunch & Learn on Family Violence and Vulnerability earlier this week.

Liana Papoutsis, our keynote speaker and valued addition to the eMatrix team, shared her own personal lived experience of family violence with the group as part of her AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. She shared how she felt as a customer having to pick up the phone to essential service providers and banks to discuss bills run up in her name at the hands of the perpetrator and how important it is to be ‘shown compassion’ and be afforded the right support and assistance.

Our Lunch & Learn closed with Director Jodie Bedoya demonstrating the eMatrix Redback – Family Violence Online Portal, designed to support and sustain FV training within organisations. Interactive family violence education modules were demonstrated along with the capability for organisations to tailor portals to their own requirements with video’s, podcasts, policies and procedures.

A big thanks to everyone who attended today’s Lunch & Learn, it feels great to know that collectively we are moving towards improved outcomes for vulnerable customers and for the organisations who serve them.

Liana Papoutsis presenting on Family Violence; ‘Beyond Awareness to Improved Outcomes’