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Fantastic to spend time with the Decmil on-site crew at one of our ‘BBQ’ training sessions on family violence awareness today.

Decmil are a civil construction company that have been awarded the contract for the Plenty Road Upgrade Project. This important upgrade work is designed to cut congestion, and improve access to local jobs, schools, shops and parklands for the 35,000 motorists using this road each day.

The training formed part of the launch of the family violence awareness plan developed by Major Roads Projects Victoria, Decmil and the City of Whittlesea which will be implemented across the project. The rate of reported family violence in the city of Whittlesea is 1316 per 100,000 population, compared to 1129 per 100,000 for Victoria. This is the highest rate of reported family violence in the Victoria Police Northern Division 5.

Throughout the year eMatrix, in conjunction with the Plenty Road Upgrade project team, will be hosting a number of specialised education sessions on site to raise awareness of family violence within the community and educate the team on prevention measures, access to support and how to be an active bystander in the workplace.

Shout out to Reggie, the onsite bbq chef, yum!!